Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shattered, or respected?

Who follows them? 
Or better yet, who breaks them? 
I don't want to sound like the wise old woman of centuries past, but why do we even need so many of them? Sure, I am one of those "realists" if you will. Go ahead, point that boney finger in my direction. But, before you do.. think for a second
When did we become so damn dependent on that four letter (five, if you use it in plural) word? 
They pop up in the simplest things (Ikea furniture), yet go without notice in even greater complexity (having a child).  And don't even get me started on the 21st century relationship problems -- a hint, they are in jpeg format above. Don Cherry wouldn't have his weekly seven minutes of fame if it weren't for them, and base jumping wouldn't have been invented if it weren't for people trying to break them.

Maybe I am the one who asks to many questions.. but it's only because I push the boundaries of how I like to live,.. and I will prove my point by asking you this. When have your silly little rules ever let you do what my questions have?