Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm a hopeless romantic...

I don’t know about you, but I’m over the commercialized Valentine’s Day crap gifts. But before I choke on heart candies, and die surrounded with teddy bears holding hearts and a chocolate mustache, there is one thing I love about this day – all the love. I blame social media for our lack of human interaction and the fact that nothing is a secret anymore. But Valentine’s Day, that is the one day you share between you and the one you love -  after your Facebook status update, of course. But when you cut out all the commercial crap, what’s left for a gift? AH – don’t freak out! All of these suggestions are easy to incorporate into your last minute Valentine's Day plans – because, let's be honest, the only people who have time to pine over every detail of this romantic day are tweeny high school girls and Nicholas Sparks.

Time for Two

That’s right – not every V-day plan has to start with lux gifts, involve champagne and end with a $200 dinner bill. I know a couple that practically go bankrupt buying gifts for one another at every special occasion, and you wanna know what I’ve learned? Couples who spend more on flashy gifts and post them on facebook are superficial, and in a relationship for all the wrong reasons. It’s probably not scientific, but hey – it’s something I’ve picked up on. So, spend some quality time together this Valentine’s Day, gift-free. Draw a bubble bath pour deux, light some candles and pour some rose. Grab the hats and mittens and go for an ice skate under the stars – bring some hot chocolate to warm you up, or better yet, warm up each other. Even something as simple as cooking a nice meal together will be sure to provide you memories that will last longer than any tacky, superficial gift. It’s a day about love after all, you might as utilize it because the other 364 days are long ones.

Write a Love Letter

Awe, oui! – nothing speaks true romance like a love letter. It is something you can cherish forever, read a million times and if it's done right, it's the only gift they'll boast about. And even though it doesn't cost a cent, it goes miles in terms of the love you feel for your significant other. My advice – don't complicate it. Words work best when they come from the heart. We know you're not Lord Byron or Ludwig so just go with what you've got. As a writer, here are some tips that will help you write the best love letter you've ever read.
Answer these questions: How does she make you feel? How do you see him/her in your future? What do you like/love most about him/her?
Try incorporating these things in: a moment/time/memory that you cherish the most with him/her. And this is where my advice comes in; don't complicate it. It doesn't have to be a big moment of a trip, in fact, the smaller the better. Remember the saying 'It's the little things that count'. Perhaps it was a time you laid in bed for hours on a Saturday morning watching funny YouTube videos, or the time you took a walk through the park on a snowy long as its something you cherish, tell him/her about it. Tell them why you think of this moment, and tell them something that this moment made you realize about him/her.
Really drawing a blank when it comes to the memory­ part? Let them know of a song that makes you think of him/her and write out a few lines that really nail it home for that thought.

As long as it's hand­written and not typed, it's going to be the best thing they've ever received. Love letters are all about the time you took to make your thoughts and feelings for your significant other come true on an otherwise plain piece of paper. It's a true art.

Simple Set­up

It's not all about rose pedal trails leading to a bed with impossibly crisp, clean white linens. Sure, while we appreciate seeing this 'commercial' scene in our favourite movie, it's pretty much off our check­list unless its our honeymoon. My advice – don't try to be outrageous.

Planning a night in? Make the space a little bit more romantic!
Set up some candles to have in the background, lay out the blanket, set up a bottle of wine, two glasses and some dark chocolate to nibble on (it's like an at home wine tasting, paired with a chocolate aphrodisiac!). Just because your plans are simple, doesn't mean you don't have to put any effort into them.

Going out? Set out his/her clothes. Or, have something new that you picked up for them to wear (jewellery, panties, perfume) laid out on the dressing table. Hint: Add a little note so they understand it's a cute gift, not a bash at their wardrobe choice! Does she take time putting her makeup on? Bring her a drink to enjoy while she gets all dolled up for you. Does he always warm the car up for you? Leave a little note on the seat.

The truth is, there are several little things that you can do that speak much louder in terms of love than any gift in a store. Get creative, and if all else fails – go to Pinterest!