Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear LORD!
That's all I have to say...
This has been a day from hell. No lie. Well, I've technically never been there, that I'm aware of, but this is what I'd imagine it to be like
It all started at 1:30a.m. Did you know that late at night they play all the oldies (but goodies!) from your childhood past? So stoked that I've already said goodbye to my midnight bedtime.
You heard correctly. Sabrina the Teenage Witch was on, and you better believe I sat there and watched it, mimicking the eighth grader with braces I once was, wishing and praying I could do things with the zap of my finger.
2am - What I Like About You just so happened to be on next - yup, pretty much a blast from the past night on the family channel!
4am - FINALLY fell asleep, or so I guessed.
8am - Woke up with the BIGGEST craving in the world for the homemade chocolate chip cookies my roommates and I baked the night before.
8:10am - Made an executive decision in the shower that I would be eating cookies for a nutritious breakfast!
8:50am - Screamed bloody murder (on the inside) as I discovered nothing but cookie crumbs left in the tray --mumbled sarcastic remarks the whole walk to school.
******class time******
12:10pm - My BFF, Zoe lost her purse just before our adventure to Toronto.
12:30pm - Located the purse that was right under our noses after an "almost" mental breakdown.
1:20pm - Arrived in T-dot only to find the most expensive parking IN the entire city. Walked to the interview and waiting patiently outside for her to finish (that's right, OUTSIDE! Let my just remind you it was -10 Degrees today && I had NO mitts! Nuff' said.)
2:30pm - Think my hands, legs and toes (yes! my toes are separate from my legs) are about to fall off my body... just moments before I discover Zoe has been waiting in a warm coffee shop down the road for me. Jeeessuuuusss
2:30 to 4:30pm - After I nearly had a heart attack once I discovered my car was missing, my "lovely-not-so-lovely" parking attendant man graciously told me he moved it --- greeeeaaaaat.
Once located, sat in the car trying to salvage what was left of my limbs before window-shopping on Queen St.
4:44pm - Both of us had a temporary laps in judgment as we discovered we are so broke we can't even afford a $10 super cute dress.
Headed home to Oakville in the rush hour traffic.
The end.
Hope your day was better,
Oh, ps. the cookies where in the cupboard all along, turns out you do need a good 8hrs sleep to function properly.

This is what I wrote to keep me from going insane with coldness on a park bench!