Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, I hate to say it, but I'm no longer a Twilight virgin. And you heard correctly! After years of avoiding the movie I was hit like a mac truck. Forced against my will, chained to the couch and had my eyelids taped open, well... not quite, but it all happened against my will--for the most part.
I must say, I am no longer a hater.
Not that I ever was, (I never joined the facebook group called "Team Jacob, Team Edward... how about Team who gives a f**k" or anything!) but I am glad I at least watched it, once. Twice? Maybe even three times before I go to class tomorrow?
I'm not saying I will run to my facebook and "un-join" the group and I'm not ready to admit that I might actually re-watch the movie, but I can say this...
How HOT is Taylor Lautner's body????????
Jeeesuuuussss. I nearly fell off my chair when he so kindly ripped off his shirt to wipe the blood off that girls face. It's not like he could've ripped a piece of it off and it woulda done the same job or anything, but we're all so glad he didn't. SOO glad he didn't!
You know, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm supper jealous of Taylor Swift... oh baby, if I had a night alone with him I would just stare in AWW at his gorgeously glowing rippling muscles and ugh, i mean....

Anyways I better be off -- I've got a dream date with him at 1a.m.