Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Mission

Since being in Italy and getting [back] in touch with my somewhat creative side (it’s good to know that it hasn’t fully gone out the window since abandoning journalism and joining the yachting industry) I have decided I need to decorate my room. Not necessarily the world’s biggest masterpiece in the making, but it’s my new home. And if I plan to live in a small space for an extended amount of time, something other then wood paneling needs to occupy the walls. But what? Pictures of my friends and family that I travel with are always a given, but unless I carried 10lbs worth of 4x6's, it wouldn’t even make a border half way around one of the mirrors in my room! I have always loved posters and they cover a decent amount of space, but I don’t really feel like walking into a music store and buying a poster of a shirtless vampire. Before you get too defensive, I did consider it, and even tilted my head to the side in a) Awe and b) appreciation for his tanned 6-pack, but a split second later, flipped the frame to the next poster, just like the rest. Boring, and not to mention, how uncultured. Then, on a walk through the city contemplating the words “what’s a girl to do,” it hit me. I saw a wall of posters plastered on the side of a building. But not just any poster, they were old style movie/theatre posters. In Italian. And full of colour. Jackpot! The only problem is, I swear the inventor of super glue himself put those babies up there, and getting one down won’t be for the light-hearted. Which brings me to my mission: stealing one to hang in my room… it will have to be dark out when it happens, because I don’t know if the Italians think that stealing them is more of a crime then posting them, so it should be fun. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted. [haha no pun intended] xoxo