Sunday, April 3, 2011


I got it!
A few nights ago, one like any other night, we went out for a drink! [shocking, I know.] Instead of sounding like the typical alcoholic yachties we are, we pass our Monday night drinking fest as a bit of exercise by walking to the bars instead. It makes us feel better. We started out at the cute La Vinnanio – I had been there a few times, and still can’t for the life of me remember how to pronounce its name. But regardless of its correct name [and/or spelling], we settled with a glass of wine outside on the patio. We discussed the issues of the world, past Halloween costumes and how we all want our boat to be closer to the bars so we don’t have to walk as far – hey, I never said we enjoyed our exercise! I had told my fellow crew members of my mission and how I desperately wanted those posters. I wanted them so bad and talked about it so frequently – it was to the point that every time we passed a poster, they knew what I was going to bring up in conversation. Well, a few pints in, and maybe a mojito later, we were walking home when what to my wandering eye appeared? A wall of posters! There had to be at least eight there and one of the corners was coming loose. “Could this get any better?” I thought to myself as I immediately start ripping off the poster like a little schoolgirl. What a mistake that was! The corner ripped off faster then I had started. Damnit. My head lowered in shame as it happened. Then the other two crew members joined in… never had I had so much fun pulling at a piece of paper in my life. We were laughing the whole time as we tried to each have our say in a somewhat decent strategy to getting it off in one piece. But it was impossible. We got a good portion of the poster, most of it in which I had to tape back together when we got home, but its at least something to hang on my walls! We all agreed that the next time we go out we would carry butter knifes in our pockets to help get under it, instead of just ripping at it aimlessly. Ah, yes, we are getting wiser. xoxo