Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't forget me, I beg.

I rarely throw the word 'love' around when it comes to music, actually that's a complete lie. I'm sorry - don't know where that came from, but I cant get enough of music. I listen to it in the shower, while I work, when I run, any waking moment I'm alone, I even go as far as having to listen to music while I sleep. It's quite simple, music makes everything better. And since being over in Italy, I have been introduced to UK's MTV. And unlike the Canadian/American version, it has musicians from all over North America and the UK. Go figure, leave it to us to be un-cultural.
But to the point -- On my first day, within the first 5 minutes of me watching, I discovered the new love of my musical life. If you have not heard of her, shame on you. Just kidding, I just found out about her two weeks ago, so you're off the hook. I just have one word to say before I rock your soulful musical world. Adele. Even her name sounds refreshing to my ears. This 22-year-old is taking over England, one broken-heart girl after another.  And has been the only one to have beaten a record set by The Beatles in 64'. But the best part? She is gorgeous, but not in the typical 'America's Next Top Model, I-only-eat-a-carrot-stick-every-other-day-kinda-way." With people telling her she can't be a musician because of her "weight and looks" and several heartbreak-soul hits that speak to any woman, on every level, the only thing I can say is this: What have I been doing with my life? 
Give her a listen, I'm almost positive you'll like her, and am almost willing to bet you $100 you will have it on replay for a month.