Thursday, April 21, 2011

Man's best friend.

Rex  Nov 8/2010 – Apr 19/2011

Dear Rex,
From the moment I saw you, I knew you were born just for us!
Your little eyes lit up so much that I knew there was no way I was leaving there without you. And when we picked you up and felt those soft little crimped ears, the rest was history. It was only a short while later that you were fast asleep on my lap as Rebecca and I drove you to your new home. You were just so cute we didn’t know how on earth we could keep you a secret until Christmas. And when the time came, you were so calm as we placed you in the box as we carried you up the stairs for Dad to open. With Mr. Giraffe in your mouth, you looked up at him with those same beady eyes you gave me. “No, I don’t want him.” Dad said so smoothly you couldn’t even pretend he was mad. Who wouldn’t want you? It was only moments later that he was playing with you and giving you treats. It was an instant love affair.
From then on you were a Britten.
You were Dad’s new sidekick. Something he had missed out on with Gus because he had to share with his three young daughters. Not this time. During the day, you were all Dad’s. Riding around in the front seat of the truck, having your regular visit to Home Depot, where everyone knew your name. You were like two peas in a pod.
You even had your own routine down. You knew when it was time to get your leash and go for a walk – even though you didn’t particularly like that irritating piece of string around your neck. You even knew when it was time to go out in the hot tub in the mornings and take a drink from our coffee mugs, or share the odd bite of banana.
You were a great puppy.
And I’m so sorry your time with us lasted so little. I wish I could change that. I was so excited to see how big you’d grow, and how you’d get along with those pesky cats. I was excited to watch your discovery of the water and see you fall in the pool! I was so excited that I would have a running partner, and someone to cuddle with on my bed again in the mornings. But mostly I was excited that you’d bring life to us again. Excited that once again a happily wagging tail would greet us at the doorway with instant love to give. I always thought that after Gus we would never have a dog that great again. I even whispered in your ears that you had ‘big shoes to fill’ on a few occasions. And I just wanted you to know that you did. You filled them very well. You brought us all back to life. And I know we gave you just the life you needed, filled with more love than you ever imagined.... and now I miss you so much it hurts ---all my love, forever.

&& Dear Dad,
This is not your fault. It’s no ones fault. It was an accident. Things just happen and there is no explanation. Nothing could have stopped this from happening and I just want you to know that I love you very much and I wish I could be there to help. We are all equally hurting.