Tuesday, November 8, 2011

21 things to do before 31

In light of my recent birthday, in which I supposedly became an adult, I would like to take a moment and go over some things I feel I need to do before I can actually be considered just that. If you have any of the same ones, share...don't just leave me hanging all alone here.

  1. Learn the difference between then and than
  2. Compete in a race and be proud of my placing
  3. Have followed my heart
  4. Been thrown into something out of my comfort zone, and rocked it
  5. Get myself into the career I always wanted
  6. Write something, anything that I would be happy for others to read
  7. Made at least one of the three biggest purchases in my life
  8. Learn a language
  9. Live on my own
  10. Attend one of my best friends weddings
  11. Attend one of my sister’s weddings - - -hint, hint.
  12. Find my own style
  13. Start using a day planner on a regular basis, not just when I feel like it
  14. Travel more of the world
  15. Visit the places in which my parents grew up
  16. Argue like an adult, and not just swear to show frustration
  17. Drink to drink, not to get drunk
  18. Get myself my own dog
  19. Learn about my family history
  20. Being comfortable, confident and content in my own skin
  21. Find someone I am so happy with that none of this matters