Monday, April 9, 2012

Another one bites the dust

With summer just around the corner, and several years of pleading, we are preparing our aging selves for a good old fashion family canoe trip. I was only six-years-old when we first decided to canoe from Pukaskwa National Park down Lake Superior to Wawa, but it is something I have been longing to do since. Back then I would just like to point out my dad had a full on stash/beard combo, my mom wore pants up to the true definition of ‘waist’ and my sisters were still considered kids. It has been nearly 10 years since we have tried to plan something of this magnitude and it is very comical. My parents at this age are neglecting their age, my sisters are full-on adults (although at times it is questionable) and I am ready to go on this adventure and capture this disaster one photograph (and funny caption) at a time.
If you have ever seen an athlete documentary on what they did to train for the Olympics, you are nowhere near what The Britten household is going through. Way off, in fact. We have since dusted off old-red (aka. The canoe) and pulled the paddles out of the wood pile and tossed them in the lake. In case you are unaware of what aging does to your parents, try watching your dad, who may or may not be balance-inclined climb into a canoe over frigid waters. Having fallen out of the tent he wanted to practise building earlier this was like the cherry on the cake!
On top of training ourselves how to be camping/canoeing enthusiasts once again, we are also training our 6-month old puppy as well. Much like I was when I was six-years-old on this trip, he is not willing to stay put in the canoe (a watercraft which most of you know doesn’t have a high tipping limit) and is constantly awaiting the arrival of around a so-called puddle, compared to Superior of course.
Yes, this is just the beginning. I think that if we stick to it, we will make it through this two-week trip with only a few bumps and bruises. At least that was what I was thinking... until my dad mentioned a trial canoe dumping before we leave with poor Spike in the canoe. Dear God.