Monday, October 15, 2012

Me, to date.

Favourite Song - Little Black Submarine- The Black Keys & Flapper Girl - The Lumineers
Movie I can't wait to see - Argo + Frankenweenie
Most worn thing in my closet - Dark Grey Leather Jacket
Guilty Pleasure - Fifty Shades Books [currently on Fifty Shades Freed]
Something I have been meaning to get done/complete - my laundry [rips hair out]
I like arguing about - which ever side I believe in most, or just for the sake of having a heated debate.
Style I am too chicken to try - Red Lips [doesn't fit in with my lifestyle, unfortunately]
Halloween Costume - Sexy Sailor
Birthday Plans - Dunno. I'm hoping my boyfriend will take that over...
Someone I miss - My sister <3 
Something I miss - Summer and it's carefree happiness
Vacation plans - Talking about Mont. Tremblant during Spring Break, but maybe St. Thomas to visit my sister [?]
I'm slacking at - working out.  gah
Food I'm craving - Sushi
Can't get enough of - pumpkin flavoured things; tea, muffins, pie, crumble...mmm
Upcoming Celebrations - My One year with Lucas <3 && turning 22.
Advice? Stop trying to be someone you're not and just be yourself - it never fails.