Saturday, November 8, 2014

The 'Quick Healthy Breakfast'

With the recent change in weather my healthy "summer smoothie" kick has turn into any and all "autumn comfort foods". Which not only makes my pants fit a little tighter, it makes my quick and easy liquid breakfasts a little harder to stomach. I mean, who wants to walk to work in the dark, as the rain pours down, drinking a breakfast that's getting closer and closer to the air temperature every day? Not me, that's who! But somewhere between my summer smoothie go-to and winter oatmeal on-the-run, somethings gotta give. 
So I created this perfect autumn parfait. The best thing is; its quick, easy, and every woman can make it (and eat it) in under seven minutes [bonus!]. It's best enjoyed by my comforting fire place and oh, and did I mention it's healthy!

What makes this so healthy, you ask?

Coconut Flakes [great source of iron, zinc and fibre]
Pumpkin Seed Flax Granola [great source of magnesium and zinc; adds a nice crunch!]
Agave Syrup [a natural plant-based sweetener; alternative to honey]
Plain Greek Yogurt [great source of protein, probiotics and vitamins - aids in weight loss]
Chia Seeds [natural energy booster with great source of omega's, vitamins + protein]
Raspberries [an antioxidant rich fruit that aids in weight management] 

Warning: after eating this you will become addicted. You will also be full, and remain this way until lunch!