Monday, April 26, 2010

Day Three

I must say, I am loving this. I feel great. I have energy. I have pep (not that I should be lacking any, I am 19 for christsakes!) and I feel like I’m making a difference.

I apologize for my mistake. I am not “Vegan”. My dear friend pointed that out, and I apologize for my typo. Just goes to show you that while switching between screens like a mad-man [so I wouldn’t get busted for blogging on work time] I made a mistake. Sue me! And for all you die-hard workers out there, hold on to your panties. I am not actually getting paid for working at the newspaper, I am here on a co-op. Meaning, I’m not technically writing my blog on paid work-time. Just saayin

I set up my old/new room this weekend. After saying a tearful goodbye to my roomies, Hayley and Jaime, I made my way back to Orillia for an un-determined [unfortunately] amount of time. I would also like to take a moment of silence if I may for the items that did not survive the 2 move. 

My TV – it had always been there for me when I was lazy to provide endless entertainment, it was the background noise that I fell asleep to at nights and I bought it with my own money in grade 11!  r.i.p. 

5 Drinking Glasses – the entire household benefited from its use. They were drinking glasses at parties and these select few made it through the final house party, which is a miracle in itself. They were hardly ever clean and rarely found in the cupboard, and most of the times were hoarded away in the roommates ROOMS. Which is why they did not make it back to Orillia with their other glass friends. They will be sadly missed.

My Legs – they suffered minor damage on the drive home as they were crammed between mulitple things. I told my parents it would take two vehicles to move all my stuff back, but not wanting to oblige, they took one. Thus creating the ultimate puzzle to fit all my shit in the truck. They also took a beating from the multiple forest walks I took outside this weekend, but that's another story, another day. 

But it was nice to dive into my comfy bed last night as a result of packing, unpacking, re-decorating and cleaning. I missed Gossip Girl last night, which also upsets me... (damn you TV)!