Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day Five

Still feeling great! I knew this would be easy [knock on wood]. I do have to say that I am getting creative when it comes to dinner time. Making tons of different things, which have all turned out pretty well might I add! I can see how Vegetarians get unhealthy though, it’s to easy to just eat fattening, bad stuff, but I am avoiding that at all costs!

I know this sounds lame, but the weather has been soo nice lately that you just can’t help but want to go outside to enjoy it! The sun is shining, the wind is a tad chilly, but for the most part it’s a great all around spring temperature! The sunglasses are needed and when you go for a run a light windbreaker maybe, and oh, don’t forget the SNOW!

 Yes, you heard correctly! Snow. The white stuff. Winter. Flurries. Blizzards. You can call it whatever you want, but there is no denying it was indeed snowing yesterday. Like the rest of  you, I wanted to take advantage of the sunny goodness after a day full of sitting behind a desk [which, by the way, I give people props! Who ever can sit at a desk all day for their job, good for you, it’s brutal]. So in attempts to get outside I went for a nice long run. All was going well until I realized it has been a week since I last ran and how outta shape I felt, but the sun was shining on me and it felt good. THEN, this is where Orillia bounies turns into A-friggen-LASKA! I was about a kilometer way from home when I started seeing stuff falling from the sky. Thinking I was clearly seeing things, or getting a foggy patch in my vision from running I decided I was just plain crazy. When all of a sudden these ‘falling things’ started going in my eyes. I was like WTF? Are you serious, it’s raining? Great! But then I started to notice the rain getting heavier. And a lot more visable. It was when I held my hand out and got 4 flakes in my eyes that I realized it was snow. See, I don’t have a problem with snow, in fact, winter is my favourite season. BUT I do have a problem when it is snowing in April. I would expect this kind of weather from Nunavat, but NOT and hour north of Toronto! Jeesuuuuuss!