Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm moving up and out West

OK - Clearly I'm not a great blogger, but I had to write to tell you something important. But give me a break here, I'm one of the only people left on this planet still on dial-up internet! Not to mention I have a forever changing life like that of Samantha Jones, so a little compassion pleeassee!
And perhaps maybe I haven't found my writing niche, so to speak. So hence my annoucement. I am changing my blog into a travel diary. In less then a week I will be boarding a plane to the West Coast, and NO! It's not Cali - i wish, but I can do you one better. I am heading to Vancouver to board a private yacht that i will be working on for at least 4 months that is going ... dun, dun, dun....up the Alaskan coast, around Hawaii and over to New Zealand and Australia. BAM. Take that, Cali.
So in light of my new found adventure, I wish to give readers an insiders look at the yachties life of the rich and famous, boat politics and give you a chance to guess where in the world am I --sure, it may sound boring, but I can assure you it will be anything but dual. It's all coming to a computer near you this Monday. Stay tuned.