Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This industry is ridiculous

Since we've left the yard (with a nicely painted boat bottom, might I add!) and arrived back to the dock, we have done nothing but run around with our heads cut-off. Oh wait, let me rephrase that. ONE person has been running around with their head cut-off. Only, hold the running and add in, cleaning bathrooms and stair creases with Q-Tips. And what do you have? Enter, Banana Flaps! I am the one who has never been on boats before.. In case that sentence confused the hell out of you, let me explain as much as I can. The Kiwi twins on board like to make up nicknames for everyone on the boat. There is a Bum-cheese, Twelve-year-old-boy, Fattie and Banana Flaps, YAY! Ever heard of abuse in the workplace? Well this is to the extreme lol. If you're wondering what the hell that means, don’t fool yourself, there is very little reasoning behind anything the Kiwi twins do! But, as brought up at the dinner table last night, it refers to the 'flaps' of peel hanging off of a banana. ie. Banana Flaps. Welcome to my life. It's come to the point where I don't even question the Kiwi twins anymore, it's not worth my effort.
Currently I am sitting in the crew mess (i.e. the crews only part of the boat where we eat meals, make fun of each other and play the video game-show "Buzz"). I have just finished work and I am trying to type as my body and my tea are swaying around to the pleasant, not-so-pleasant bob of the ocean. greeaaaaaat. Knock on wood - i haven't been sick yet!
I have a feeling this blog is going to be my only "private time" though. Which, in all honesty, doesn't bother me. I like hanging out with the crew that has become my new so-called family. I am just thankful for a little time to write down my mistakes, and frustrations that come along with working on a boat for the first time. Aka, the Q-tip cleaning, or the fact that my childhood name Alana-Banana has been turned into Banana Flaps! ha. I don't want to seem tooo stupid in front of the pro-yachties, some of whom years of working in this industry well surpass my age!
We left Vancouver yesterday, on a good note. Although I would have to say some bars and clubs in the area would disagree! We drank too much, threw salt and pepper in a dirty hostel bar (well, Kiwi Twin 1 did. God I love him!), danced and flipped people on the dance floor and some innocent bystanders may have seen some nudity on the walks home. We threw down a pretty good show before we left Vancouver... leaving a tiny salt and pepper trail as we did so.
Next stop, Alaska.