Friday, June 18, 2010

Day four of my work, and I just would quickly like to add a few words to everyone's vocabulary. Polishing. Plates. Dry Hands. Now, put those together and you have: ME.
In the past four days I am not exaggerating if I said I have polished 400 glasses, 200 plates and countless candle holders, salt & pepper shakers, stir sticks, vases and god knows what else. If it's in a cupboard, its-a-gettin polished!
Another little tid-bit of advice. Looking for uniforms? DO NOT GO TO OLD NAVY! Since I have arrived here in the city I love so much, the only thing I've been hearing about are these navy blue pants. These navy blue pants just so happen to be the pants I work in. Every single day. And the ones that everyone else has a pair of already, as all the crew on the boat wear matching uniforms. And low and behold, they did not have my size, in fact they had everything BUT my size. Just to explain the extend of my hatred towards Old Navy, I can honestly say, that I JUST got ONE pair of pants to work in today [i'm suppose to have three in total]. And they weren't even from Old Navy. Fancy that. And you know why? Because Old Navy is closed at 5p.m. on a Sunday. 7p.m. on Monday and Tuesdays. The store itself is not visible to the human eye- after circling the mall it was in 3 times we still hadn't located it. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow it is burnt down. Anything that store can do to stop me from getting pants, it will. Other than that, my boat-life is great. We are staying in a rather fancy place in Longsdale Quay, The Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier. We'll be here until the boat is out of the yard- it's getting checked out and painted for the long ride up to Alaska. But low and behold, we will be up at 5a.m. for a second time this week when we switch back over to Coal Park--where the boat rests until its long journey, as do I, so Goodnight!
Time for bed, but until next time, check out these photos of my hot new ride! This was the first time we had to get up at 5a.m. to bring the boat into the yard for 6a.m. Oh the life of a yachtie!

P.s. Sorry the pictures are blurred, but I can't give away the name of the boat!