Monday, May 23, 2011

Where I've been so far, in pictures.

 Just a beautiful view after leaving a small city in Italy we'd stopped at for the day!
 Stromboli Volcano. ^ Magnificent to see from about 5 miles away by boat. I was up on the top deck setting up the sun tan lotions when this beautiful view stopped me dead in my tracks. Sadly it was to foggy to see all the way to the top- next time!
 This is ^ somewhere between Stromboli Volcano and Sicilia ! Just popped up in the middle of some islands.
 The Caves @ Poligano. ^
Not as rich as all the other parts of Italy, but the whole cities waterfront is set on this structure. There is even a running restaurant set inside one of the caves from the 1700's!
These two ^ v are from Dubrovnik, Croatia. 
Beautiful place with mouthing watering Calamari, even better free Gelato (we were wearing out crew uniforms and it was suddenly free for us!) and some amazing tucked away bars on the side of a cliff!
Currently I am at the veeeery top of the boot and then around the bay. Its so far off the map that it doesn't even look like it's considered Italy! The owners have left the boat, and trip numero ono is down for the count, trip two starts in three days....But here we are now in Trieste, Italy with a WHOLE day off. First one in a month!