Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1. Self Portrait

This is probably the worst self portrait I have ever seen, but hey, I was at work and realized I either need to start doing this challenge now or it would never start. Period. So here it is. Me and all my glory at work. You will notice my Starbucks coffee cup, which I brought from home, and you will also notice my new watch that I just bought off Beyond the Rack. Don't know why my hair always does that alfalfa hair thing at the front, but I have learned to live with it. If you could see my computer screen you would also notice that at this time I was not working (go figure, I was taking a photo of myself!) and the Toronto Star was up. A fun little fact of the day for you, that I just learned - the Star started on my birthday, November 3rd. Think its a sign? Although, I was definitely not born in 1892 - just sayin. xx