Friday, May 4, 2012

2. What you wore today

Remember how I said my life has been a little crazy lately? I take it back. It's crumbling at the seams. I don't feel like doing this stupid photo of the day anymore because it is not something that is making me happy, all it is doing is keeping my mind preoccupied. How is that suppose to make me feel creative? You want to see what I wore yesterday and today (because, oh yeah, this is counting for two days)? Fine.I was wearing sweat pants, okay! Not the cute outfit I had in my mind when I first started this. Just a plain old boring pair of sweat pants. The one that my puppy Spike and I curled up with on the floor the morning of Thursday, May the 3rd. The ones he sniffed and rubbed his face in because he was in one of those anxious 'I just woke up and have been waiting forever for you' moods. These are the same sweat pants I put on hours after he was hit and killed by a car. The same ones I curled up with on the floor, crying my eyes out a mere 45mins after the fact, looking at a picture of him... thinking how, if I had never even got up from this floor with him, I wouldn't be lying here alone right now. That's what I wore yesterday, today, tomorrow and I will still be in them come Sunday night. You happy... you stupid stupid stupid photo challenge.