Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5. Low angle

This week I am hanging out in Sturbridge, Mass - right around the corner from Boston. For work, also known as Snowmobiler TV and Snow Goer Canada Magazine, we got to come down here and cover the International Snowmobile Congress. And I have to say, I am inspired again. The town we are in is rather old and tonight we went to a 1700's Publick House. This is a shot I took amidst the 400 people that were wandering in and out of this place - I think what makes this so special is that this photograph was taken amongst chaos and city sounds, when (if you didn't know any better) you would think this is way out in a field near a restored barn somewhere. It was a gorgeous place, and even though we only drove 10+ hours to get here, it has already made me really miss traveling/exploring/meeting new people and all the fun that goes along with discovering a new untouched territory on your own.