Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6: Something Pink

It's a scorcher outside this week - and instead of showing you all my pink skin I thought I would take a different approach.
Not to mention I just can’t get enough of the ‘bright’ season fashion trend, especially the peachy, mints and pinks. I never use to care much about fashion, but now I look back and think “OMG, please tell me you did not wear that by choice!” – this is usually followed by a smacking of a hand against my forehead, which is now red p.s. I got this shirt from a store in the States for $20 and (finally!) found my white belt at a vintage store on Queen St in Toronto. I matched it with some mint coloured nails, the sight of these in the picture all depends on how good your eye sight is, and have my yellow new strappy Aldo sandels with “Snappy Sorbet” nail polish covering my toes. The only thing that I could think of to be better then this outfit, would be if I was in it near a beach and not in my magazine/writing/torcher-chamber-on-a-sunny-day of a desk job! One day I will be combining those two and will be writing whilst on the beach – a girl can dream right? xx