Monday, June 25, 2012

7. High Angle

In light of the summer, and not to mention my busy schedule, I found myself waist deep in 2+ weeks of laundry (yes, I have that many clothes!). I used all the clothes pins, and only had a meter let of line at the end of it. But that is besides the point, here are a collection of some of the best stain removers for laundry I have come across - and working as a stewardess on a yacht, I think I know a thing or two about removing stains from expensive fabric ! 

Oily/Waxy Stains – Try one of the following: “Scrubbing Bubble” bathroom cleaners; Rub white chalk into the stain before laundering; Rub with damp cloth dipped in Borax; Apply a paste of cornstarch and water, let dry and brush off.
Blood Stains:
Fresh – use cold water.
Dried – Use Hydrogen Peroxide. Pour over stain as soon as possible.
Red Stains  
Kool-aid, Popsicle, Berry Juice – Rubbing Alcohol. Pour over stain before washing.
Wine, Coffee, and Fruit Stains – Club Soda or moist salt. Pour over stain, or soak in milk before washing.
Grass Stains– Combine a few drops of household ammonia with 1 teaspoon peroxide. Rub stain with this mixture. Rinse with water as soon as stain disappears.
Rust Stains– Scrub with crumbled aluminum foil.
Lipstick Stains– Rub with shortening and wash with washing soda.
Ink Stains– Use hairspray on stain (with absorbent towel underneath) and launder as usual. Or wet stain with cold water, apply paste of cream of tartar/lemon juice, let sit one hour and wash as usual. Or mix 1/3 cup white vinegar with 2/3 cup warm water and apply a small amount to the stain. Blot until no more stain can be removed.