Friday, July 27, 2012

A Summer Highlight

I’ve always wanted to dedicate an entire summer to festivals. The lights, the air, the people, the music and of course the feeling; there really is nothing like it, minus Italy (always minus Italy and Vancouver, I love those places more then life).
I’m sorry to report that this year my festival quest isn’t going to come true, but I was very glad to make it out to the Toronto 2012 Burlesque Festival at the Gladstone Hotel. I have been obsessed with Burlesque for just over a year now? I dunno. Time flies if you ask me. But regardless, this place was a dream come true. Everyone was dressed in old fashion corsets, top hats and it was marvelous. I tried to get decked out as much as I could (hello red lips and bigger than life hair) but to be honest, we felt under dressed. That never happens, well, rarely. We attended the International Strip Competition and after party… all I can say is wow. Those girls could gladly teach me any day of the week. In fact, is that possible? I’m willing to work for it… promise.
[hair did, makeup did, lips on...time to go]

[stuck in traffic, so we naturally entertain ourselves]

[Banana Boy, damn he was good]

[Settling down after a steamy night at the Bier Market]

[bad&wild for life]