Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The 'Then'

My creativity is at all all time high. Sure, I may be forgetting to lock the front door on my way out or let my sisters dog weasel out of her leash and collar, but that is minor in the scheme of things. 
I have been enjoying working around the house to make it look ten-years younger. I am fixing, painting, organizing and beatifying everything around me. Crafts never seemed so fun, and it makes me want to re-live my summer from 10 years ago. 
So I am. Only modified. 
The only real reason I get up is to work on my sweet tan lines. The only thing better than enjoying a Popsicle on a hot day is going for a dip in the pool. And I have finally brushed the dust off of all the novels I've longed to read for years. I am expanding my culinary pallet by cooking in the evenings, and I am finally watching all the black and white movies I kept saying I would. 
Sure, I have been job-hunting like it's my job (which, go figure it is!). But I feel like I have missed my window. Am I okay with that? Probably not. I desperately miss making new friends and forgetting what part of the world I'm in while drinking in a pub, but I know this will happen again in the future. So for right now I am enjoying the summer like in my golden days, work-free might I add.Why yes, I think this is exactly the summer the doctor ordered.