Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If you're a strong female, you don't need permission

People piss me off sometimes. 
And lately, i'm not naming names, it's been happening on a more regular basis. 
I realize people have opinions and some may be more willing to share them then others. So there you are listening to other peoples nasty (let's be honest, no one is positive anymore) comments and rude remarks and find yourself at a loss for words. If you're me, you go for the nervous laugh and pray to God that the subject changes soon. But how many times can you really talk about the weather in the same conversation?

I like to consider myself an educated opinionater (no, that is not a real word, but yes, that is how I am!). This definition to me means that I am well versed in both sides of the world around me and feel I play the 'pros and cons' to each side before I make up my mind. Coming from a journalism program, I am also not quick to believe everything people say and do my own research first. I know I am not always politically correct and believe me when I say I am trying my best to work that especially after what just happened to me.
That being said, listen to this.
The other day a person sat me down and talked to me about a subject as normal as any other. This person was explaining their "ins and outs" and how they expected others behaviour to be. Then the person said this, "I don't like nigg*rs, and I hate fagg*ts. I will not tolerate their behaviour and I think they all have a mental illness" 
And just like that, my conversation went from Boring to Messed up in four seconds flat. 
Truth be told, this conversation happened four days ago now, and it is still upsetting me. 
I understand there are kinds of people who speak freely about this and hey, they have a right to their own opinion. But just because that is your opinion, it doesn't mean that it is anywhere near mine. Speaking of being honest, I wish I could go back four days to that very moment and stand up to this individual. Tell them I appreciate their opinion but that is not how I feel and truth be told, I think that it is very rude of you to use those words so openly as you just did. And tell them that if they are around me I would like them to keep those thoughts to themselves. But that damn old nervous laugh of mine just popped up so fast I didn't even know where it came from... and this is why I am thankful for my reflects sometimes.

I felt I had to share this because I want everyone to know that they should stand up for what they believe in. Also for the woman out there, don't feel that you have to change your opinion based on what a man's opinion is. We are strong and independent and have just as much right to have and share them as men do. 

&& that is my rant for the day.