Friday, July 29, 2011

The ABC's of what I've been up too lately.

A – for Adele. I’ve been listening to her soulful voice every chance I get.
B – for Bakery. My middle sister just turned 28, and being the jobless girl I am, I proposed to her that I would make a Cake Boss Cake. Well…let me tell you, I followed the directions to a Tee (not usually easy for me to do!). Did it take all day to make? Yes. Was it worth it? Ugh, that’s up for debate. It tasted fine, but all in all I think dishing out the money for a DQ cake would have been much more appropriate. Needless to say, I’m not opening up my own bakery anytime soon!
C – for Concerts. I’ve been a concert junkie all my life, but only now is it coming out of the closet. I snuck in to see a 70’s rock band at a motorcycle event, went to see Brad Paisley and Eric Church, went with my dad to see Alan Jackson, Big and Rich and Gretchen Wilson, and this weekend is Kempenfest! Love it! 

D – for Drive-in. I’ve only been once this summer and I must say I’m disappointed in myself. But being the long weekend, and the night owl I am, I would have to say a Dusk till Dawn (three movies and two bags of popcorn later) is in order! Any one wanna come with?
E – for Excitement ! My bestie from Waterloo is up this weekend and I can’t wait to sit in the hot tub with a glass of wine and catch up with her!
F – for Freaked the F out ! I’ve been doing a lot of running/walking lately and yesterday my worst nightmare was confirmed. My neighbor has spotted a black bear not once, but TWICE around our house. Bear Bell here I come!
G – for Golden Girls. Not only should I get double points if we were playing Scattagories, but I have been falling in love with this show. You gotta love the Déjà View channel, which shows an hour of these hilarious woman every day.
H – for Hurley, my cat. I saved her from the storm early this morning when she was stuck outside in the down pour and she hasn’t left me alone ever since!
I – for Ice Cream. It may be shocking to some, but I hate Chocolate anything, but if you got soft serve Vanilla, sign me up.
J – for Juggling. I still don’t know how to do it L
K – for Klondike Bar, although your commercials are amusing, I would do nothing for you!
L – for L.a.m.b. Yes, you heard right ladies. I have purchased my first l.a.m.b. bag, well I like to think of it as more of an investment. And sorry boys, but this is the new love of my life!

M – for Megan. I miss her so much.
N – for Not a chance in the world will I ever grow out of sleeping in during a thunderstorm.
O – for Okay, I didn’t think this ABC thing through,.. this is getting tough(er).
P – for Pink. That’s the colour nail polish I can’t get enough of on my toe nails this summer.
Q – for Q-Tips. Who invented those things anyways? I think they are dangerous and freak me out when someone comes after me with one.
R –  for Rogers. I really hate you’re phone company. I think that speaks for itself.
S – for Sewing. Sure I was in girl guides for a many years and know how to sew, which is exactly why I have started making myself a dress to express my talents to the world…pft, not really, but we’ll see.
T – for Time. Where does it go? It’s noon and I’m still in my pj’s. This may or may not have happened yesterday as well !
U – for the U.K. I know this sounds weird, but often when I travel people always guess that I am British. They also like to say that I am Australian…then again, at least English makes sense because I have pale skin!
V – for Vagasil commercials. HA HA HA , They make me laugh every time.
W – for Weekend. Just because I have trouble remembering what day or the week it is most of the time, does not mean I don’t know when the weekend is here. Especially a Long one, at that.
X –  for X-rated. I would love to share this one with you, but like the cosmopolitan-Sex and the City girl that I am…. I never kiss and tell.
Y –  for Yahtzee. That is the ultimate game to play at the cottage under candle light.
Z – for Zebra. I love everything with that hot, sexy print all over it!